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Radoslav “Gipsy“ Banga is the king of Gypsy hip-hop. In true Roma fashion, he’s taken his fiddle-playing, fidora-wearing group Gipsy.cz around the world, performing in places like Glastonbury, Seoul and Lisbon, winning  plaudits along the way for his unique blend of humor and self-deprecating irony. With all that behind them, you’d think Gipsy.cz stand a good chance at making the finals at Eurovision. There’s just one small problem: Gypsy hip-hop is pretty shite.  (There’s also that bigger problem: the Roma don’t exactly have a lot of friends in Europe.)

"I can make you really feel like Gipsy."

"I can make you really feel like Gipsy."

“They use to call me Gipsy, hello there. It means no problem to me, I don´t care. Till I’ve got microphone making you act. I love to be that gipsy rat.”

Seriously, I’m a native English speaker and I have no idea what he just said.

As you can see in the video, the performance features no choreography, just Radoslav running around his violinists while wearing a superhero costume. Whatever. It’s fun. And it, like, totes/obviously offers a message of hope to all stigmatized groups as the world’s economic crisis hangs over us: “Word ain´t key to me. I can´t think that eazly. If you keep that energy, Gipsy sounds like symphony. Hate me or love me Baby. Speed up from null to eighty. In next three seconds music turns you to slave it.”

Word to your (gypsy) mother.


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