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We bad. We real bad.

We bad. We real bad.

In their catchy dance number Lose Control, Waldo’s People sing that they “don’t want to lose control by falling.” And they don’t. They lose control by singing live.

If you watch their official video (the first one below), you’d think they had a decent shot at beating regional rival Norway and slaying Eurovision legends like Sakis Rouvas from Greece and Chiara Siracusa from Malta. You might also think they’re totally morbid: corpses should not sing! Anyway, it’s the type of song you may not like at first (hello: Finnish rapper?), but after hearing it for a minute you realize you’re bobbing your head up and down and it turns out that you’re the one who has lost control!

Anyway, in the second video below you can see them performing live in Finland’s national final. The female singers sound like they’re nursing hangovers. They have no energy. Their voices are horse. And they don’t even try to dance. Instead, they kind of bob up and down, perhaps nervous that they’ll startle the fire twirlers with any sudden movement.

The official video is fantastic. Except at the 2:43 mark when they zoom in on the corpse (not a corpse?). Dude needs a manicure!!

Now watch this. What a difference a little sound editing makes!

So what do you think? Will Waldo’s People be able to bring it when they have to perform live? They’re performing 15th of 18th in the first semi-final. Will that plum position be their savior?


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