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Hundreds of supporters gathered in Reykjavik’s town center on Monday to welcome home Yohanna, the runner-up at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. She performed her single Is It True? (above) before rushing to a television studio to record a program about her success at this year’s contest. Páll Magnússon, the head of Icelandic broadcaster RUV, greeted Yohanna at Keflavik International airport earlier that morning. “I want to thank Yohanna for her ‘consideration’ towards RUV,” he told ESC Today, joking that Iceland’s recession would have prevented them from hosting the event next year. “She has brought us as much success as we could’ve bared to take.” Of course, given how well Yohanna’s romantic ballad is doing in the charts, she may well earn enough bling to fund her own song contest. Her romantic ballad is already# 1 in Iceland, and has cracked the top ten on the iTunes charts in nine European countries.


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Yohanna’s performance of Is It True? features a cellist, a feathery red dress and images of the heavens. This imitation features sports equipment, white curtains and an eccentric Turkish man. Yohanna’s voice is better, but some people may argue that the Turkish man is more entertaining!

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Cool as ice

Cool as ice

In a shocking contrast to Finland’s entry from Waldo’s People, Iceland delivers a contestant who can actually sing live. Yohanna, a native of Denmark who moved to Iceland at the age of 2, is already a superstar in her adopted home. Now she’s set to take Europe by storm with Is It True?, a ballad that channels Nashville, Tennessee more than Reykjavik.

Yohanna performed live at the London Eurovision Preview Party two weeks ago and she was fierce! People in the audience were really rowdy (the club had just played the 1999 winner, Sweden’s “Take Me To Your Heaven,” for God’s sake!) but she managed to quiet down a room full of queens instantly.

She seriously sounds like an angel and doesn’t need any commentary from me. My one gripe isn’t with her, but with her new video (below). I could have done without all the digital clouds, pastel light and swirling nebula. It looks like a Scientology recruitment video.

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