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From London to Moscow

From London to Moscow

After weeks of speculation that Andrew Lloyd Webber would participate in Jade Ewen’s Eurovision performance, Webber has confirmed that he will in fact join her on stage in Moscow.

“Of course I’ll play for her,” Webber told BBC chat show host Jonathan Ross just moments ago.

Wiwi is hopeful the two will do a better job coordinating their outfits in Moscow. Jade looked stunning in a flowing purple baby doll dress, but the frock clashed with Webber ‘s hot pink Oxford button-up. Weber also sported a leather belt featuring an over-sized buckle reading “God Save the Queen.”

“This girl can really, really sing,” Weber said of his new muse. “In my career I’ve found very few singers that can do what [she] can do.”

Europe is catching on to that, too. Jade spent the past month performing her song It’s My Time in more than 20 European cities, including Amsterdam and Stockholm. That brutal promotional tour has helped her emerge as a favorite among bookies and fans alike, consistently placing her among the Top 8 in betting pools and fan polls, including Wiwi Blogg’s ongoing poll.

“People definitely know the song,” Jade said of her experience on the tour. “There are some funny fans that know every word that you’re singing.”

Despite that, Webber has low expectations for their chances. “I don’t think we will [win],” he said.

“But Eurovision is just the beginning. It doesn’t really matter.”

And given Britain’s dismal finishes in recent years, he knows there isn’t much further to fall: “We came last last year. . .I can equal that.”


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I’m seriously worried that crusty old Andrew Lloyd Weber will join the U.K. representative Jade Ewen on stage in Moscow.

“I love working with Andrew,” Ewen told Eurovision TV. “He’s very passionate about music and that’s what we have in common.”

“Hopefully he’ll join me in Moscow, he hasn’t confirmed anything yet but I’d love him to be there because I think it’d help.”

Help?? He’s only going to scare children in the audience. He already inserted himself into Jade’s official Eurovision video. This might explain why she looks somewhat constipated while hitting the high notes. You would too if some wrinkly old man was banging on the piano behind you. It’s Jade’s time, Andrew, not yours!

Seriously, I don’t know why the UK thinks Andrew Lloyd Webber’s name can bolster the UK’s placement. Eastern Europeans would respond better to the bloody Cheeky Girls.

With or without Andrew, Jade looks set to bring home Britain’s best finish in years. She’s been performing at preview events throughout Europe, including a recent one in Amsterdam. Word has it she’s been stealing the show. Listen below as Dutch fans sing along:

Along with Malta’s Chiara, Jade is fielding one of the few memorable slow songs.

What do you think? Does Jade have a chance?

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