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On Sunday, Wiwi reported that Montenegro’s performance of Just Get Out Of My Life places too much emphasis on the gorgeous male dancer who accompanies Andrea Demirovic. Wiwi’s readers seem to agree. After five days of voting, an overwhelming 88% of respondents said that the bronzed-and-buffed dancer upstages Andrea.

At today’s second rehearsal, Andrea attempted to correct that imbalance by wearing a bolder dress. She’s replaced the boring white frock from the first rehearsal with a glittering black-and-silver cocktail dress. And fitting with the theme of throwing your ex-lover out of the house, the LCD screens now feature padlocks and chains and a whole lot of pink (maybe the pink has something to do with love? Wiwi is confused).

And we now know the dancer is “Croatian-born”; last week Eurovision.tv simply referred to him as “an intense male dancer in all white.” They’ve tried to tone him down. Today he wore a black undershirt. That coordinates with Andrea’s new dress, but it also makes his chest less visible. If he started sweating in the white undershirt you would totally see the outline of those firm Croatian pecs. Now he’s slightly less distracting, and he looks less like he belongs on the cover of the Backstreet Boys’ Millennium album. Do you remember those horrible all-white suits?

Montenegro’s Sexy Dancer Revealed

Sexy Dancer Outshines Montenegro’s Andrea Demirovic


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Montenegro’s Andrea Demirovic has a fantastic look, a solid voice and a killer song. But after performing in the first Eurovision Song Contest rehearsal on Sunday, Demirovic revealed one big weakness: the gorgeous dancer on stage steals the spotlight.

Described simply as a “very intense male dancer, dressed all in white” on the Eurovision web site, the muscled hunk doesn’t stop dancing during the entire performance, except when he lays down so that Andrea can straddle him. He teases the audience (and Andrea!) by undoing a few buttons, but he never takes the shirt off like the dudes in the official preview video. And good thing. If he did, no one would notice Andrea and she would really mean it when she sings Just Get Out Of My Life.

All in all it’s an uninspired, awkward performance. The Saturday Night Fever choreography (like at the one minute mark — WTF are they doing? ) really doesn’t work. It just allows that hot male dancer to show off his body, distracting us even more from Andrea.

Montenegro’s Sexy Dancer Revealed

Montenegro’s Dancer Still Too Sexy

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