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After collapsing onto his rear and nearly falling off a podium during his first rehearsal, Greece’s Sakis Rouvas returned to form on Saturday, delivering a solid rehearsal replete with the exaggerated voguing and synchronized body thrusts he and his backup dancers are known for.

Showing off his stomach, again

Sakis at Eurovision 2004

Sakis debuted his outfit—white trousers with a white shirt that exposes his chest and occasionally his stomach. It harks back to his 2004 costume which helped him place third. Wiwi hopes Sakis doesn’t eat any taramasalata before performing. A spill would totally show up on camera!

Anyway, Sakis extended the act’s Michael Jackson-inspired leaning sequence, and he and his dancers seem much more coordinated this go round. The biggest change comes at the end of the act when a rotating platform raises Sakis toward the ceiling and two sets of silver fireworks go off. It’s a nice change of pace in a performance where Sakis jumps from a 2-ft. podium, like, five times.

Here’s the first rehearsal so you can compare them.

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Seriously. Watch this video. Greek heartthrob Sakis Rouvas puts on a tight t-shirt, rides around on a bike and then climbs a mountain (all while looking pretty) just to let you know he cares.

Sakis will have his first rehearsal Wednesday morning at 1130am (Moscow time). Women—and men—across Europe will be holding their breath in anticipation of how he will stage This Is Our Night. They also want to know what he will wear. Judging from these photos, he may not wear much!

Wiwi will keep you posted of breaking developments.


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greek-selectionGreece’s Sakis Rouvas was born in Corfu City, so it’s only natural that he has a total beach body. You’ve probably seen the endless pics of him showing off his physique (if not, you can see them here and you can see more here). He doesn’t drink or smoke—partly to preserve his voice—but also to preserve those killer looks. Now, Wiwi Bloggs is pleased to post commercials of Sakis Rouvas so you can see him seducing women (well, in an advert at least) and rolling around nearly naked on the beach.

A commercial for Trident gum featuring This is Our Night

A Vodaphone commercial

A second Vodaphone commercial. Notice that he’s wearing an outfit that is very similar to what he wore when he performed in Eurovision in 2004

Sakis running around nearly naked on a beach

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From the folk dancers who appear to be doing Russian aerobics, to the blond backup singers dressed as Greek goddesses, Norway’s entry is full of what-the-f*ck moments. At the center of it all is Alexander Rybak, a Russian-born violinist who, by all accounts, is incredibly sweet and lovable. He celebrates his 23rd birthday on May 13—smack in the middle of the two Eurovision Semi-Finals. Will voters deliver him a present? (Update: On May 16 they did!)

Why Norway May Win:

First, his song Fairytale is catchy and has mass appeal: he takes gypsy-style folk music popular in Eastern Europe and translates it into something that will appeal to Western voters. Also, 75% of the entries are ultra-modern dance numbers that are hard to distinguish from one another. Norway is upbeat but different—like a gypsy DJ was set loose in the discotheque!

Second, Rybak looks like he’s from the Balkans—certainly that won’t hurt his chances in places like Serbia, Macedonia and Albania, all notorious for bloc voting. (Of course, he may not be as cute as everyone thinks. See images here.)

Third, this act has got so much spectacle! In the Norwegian final there were plenty of back flips and all sorts of things exploding. Last year Russia won with a world champion figure skater doing circles around the singer, so you really do need something special.

Finally, Rybak speaks fluent Russian—he lived in the USSR until he was four—so watch for him to make pleas on Russian-language stations throughout the former Soviet Republics and in Mother Russia.

Why Norway May Not Win:

Bookies have listed Norway as the favorite for more than a month, so voters may well be sick of him by the time the finals roll around. That could open the door for Greece, currently second among oddsmakers. Rybak may look like he hails from the Balkans, but Sakis Rouvas actually does! Expect the odds on Greece to narrow as the competition grows near.

And despite being more folksy, Fairytale still qualifies as a dance number—and those dance numbers really do start to sound repetitive during a two-hour broadcast. It’s possible voters will prefer a standout ballad, like It’s My Time from the U.K. or Malta’s lovely entry What if We? from Chiara Siracusa.

What do you think? Does Norway deserve to be the favorite? Can anyone stop this boy wonder?

Alexander Rybak Sings Jason Mraz

Alexander Rybak Is Sad He Can’t Respond To Your Texts

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sakis_rouvas_covers_01_12Beware of Greeks bearing gifts? Whatever! We want to unwrap Sakis Rouvas’ package!

After receiving your requests to post more photos of Sakis, I’m happy to say I’ve uncovered a few more pics to get your heart racing. (If you missed the first set, click here.)

But first, a warning to Sakis. You’re 37 and you need to own your age! The official Eurovision photo below makes you look all of 12. Wash off that make-up and let us see you as you are — a modern-day Adonis! And if you want to get totes naked that’s cool too : – )

You don't look like this.

You don't look like this.

Move your leg, please!

Move your leg, please!

What are you holding on to?

What are you holding on to?

One just isn't enough. . .

One just isn't enough. . .

You're not the only one sweating!

You're not the only one sweating!

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Sakis Rouvas is pure sex. He absolutely oozes it. (Watch commercials of Sakis oozing sex.) Even an American newsmagazine chose to reference Sakis’s physique in a recent article.

Name anyone who wouldn't blow that dynamite?


I don't read Greek, but it must say HOT!

I don't read Greek, but it must say HOT!

Here’s a video of Sakis in the Greek national final. It’s obvious he can’t dance, but look at how he pumps his body to the beat. That’s some kind of thrust!

He seems really down-to-earth in this interview ahead of a Brussels Eurovision preview party. I love his English-As-A-Second-Language Moments, like when he says, “It gave me so much the love of the people.” When he starts singing you may feel tingling in your loins:

Isn’t it cute how he mispronounces things? And he emphasizes the wrong words. Kind of ironic given that he must know how to work that mouth. As a singer and all.

I would try to write a proper post, but I’m sweating and the keyboard is getting wet. Proper post on Greece to come later. . .

See even more pics of Sakis here.

What do you think of Greece’s chances? Will he finish second to Norway like the oddsmakers think? Or will his popularity throughout the Balkans and Eastern Europe propel him to victory? He was very popular when he hosted Eurovision in 2006. . .

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