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Ukraine’s Svetlana Lobodova nailed her rehearsal on Wednesday, debuting an over-the-top act that features LCD images of Sexy Sveta, three “hell machines”—over-sized cogs with spinning metal ladders, and three bare-chested muscle men. Wiwi saw Svetlana perform in London back in April, and she had four men at that performance. Perhaps she ate one of them? Anyway, in addition to rocking out on a drum set, Svetlana and her troupe of sex beasts managed some impressive acrobatics—including a move in which Svetlana swung 360 degrees before straddling a dude’s face. Don’t try that one at home.

Moves like that have divided Eurovision fans. While many admire her daring show and her beauty—”WOW SHE IS ABSOLUTELY HOT!!!!!!!” one fan writes—others think her highly sexualized product is in bad taste (and they think her voice sucks, too).

Writing on the Eurovision.tv message board, “seregao0” in Russia wishes there were less flesh on show:

The horror … It is like a prostitute …. and podtantsovka .. the horror … as if this is not the song, a contest of male bodies.

“Pittsamprass” from Turkey feels that Svetlana’s real gifts have nothing to do with her voice:

no no no.here Eurovision Song Contest not Eurovision sex Contest. she is very sexy,she is very beautiful but her voice not good. her show good but very sexy. ı think she prefer sexy show competition not voice comptition but this place not beauty contest,not sexy show contest. THIS PLACE IS VOİCE CONTEST.

On the BBC message board, fans have been speculating for weeks what Svetlana’s “hell machine” would actually be—and they were disappointed when she unveiled it this afternoon. “minxymartin” writes:

Now we know – a bit of cardboard held together with safety pins – on an old go-kart

“whoknowsnow” worries that such a skank-tastic performance could win:

All style and no substance and it will do well.

And what will happen if Anti-Crisis Girl does capture Europe’s votes? Says one fan:

There will be a crisis if this wins!

Personally, Wiwi thinks that people are hating on Svetlanta because she’s a major threat. Sure, she’s really sexy. But we all know that the Eurovision Song Contest isn’t just about singing. It’s about spectacle and entertaining the audience. Sex appeal can be a major factor in that. As for some people complaining that she can’t sing, you need to remember this is a rock song. Her voice is supposed to be a little rough and edgy. Finally, who says she doesn’t have substance? The bandage she is wearing on her arm is a protest against domestic violence. Bless her! Wiwi Loves Sveta!  xoxo
Ukraine: Svetlana Lobodova Sells MacCoffee

Ukraine to Broadcast Eurovision After All

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Ukraine’s rocker sex kitten Svetlana Lobodova has aroused Europe’s interest with her highly sexualized videos and speculation over what her Eurovision set—described as a ‘Hell Machine’—will entail. As you can see in the following commercial, Svetlana has another trick that arouses: instant coffee.

Ukraine’s Sexy Performance Divides Europe

Who Will Win Eurovision 2009? Vote Now!

Who Will Finish Last at Eurovision 2009? Vote Now!

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So hot right now

So hot right now

Ukraine’s Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko has ordered the National Television Company (NTC) to broadcast the Eurovision song contest.

The announcement comes after the NTC said it was experiencing financial problems which could affect live broadcasts during the May 16 final.

“Ukraine’s Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko has instructed the National TV and Radio company to ensure live broadcasts of the final of Eurovision 2009 in Ukraine,” a statement from Tymochenko’s office reads.

It’s welcome news for all of us rooting for Svetlana Loboda, the sex bomb rocker chick who will make her bid with “Be My Valentine.” Even though Ukrainians aren’t allowed to vote for the Ukrainian act, it’s nice to know Loboda’s mother will be able to watch her writhe around the stage wearing little more than a belt.

Loboda, who says she has been experiencing her own financial difficulties, recently called on fans to donate money to help her construct her set in Hong Kong. If her video is any indicator, it may be made solely of chocolate.

She recently performed at a London preview party, along with the four muscled backup dancers wearing black spandex you can see in the video above. The verdict on Loboda and her testosterone-fueled sidekicks? Delicious.

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Romania: Elena Gheorghe

According to her official Eurovision biography, Romania’s Elena Gheorghe comes from a family of priests. If those priests have seen the latest video for “The Balkan Girls,” I suspect they’re preparing the holy water.

Elena, the lyrics tell us, needs to unwind, so she plans to start her weekend with “gin, tonic and lime.” Her girls—who are naturally “lookin’ so fine”—give her a ride. On horseback. No snickering: this is Romania, not Sweden!

There’s non-stop dancing which culminates with Elena alternately leading a choreographed routine in a club and humping a sofa. Throughout she encourages Balkan Girls to open their minds because they’re one of a kind. There’s only one man who appears in the video and, sadly, he’s helplessly lost in the toilets and must break dance on his own.

Why you know English isn’t Romania’s first language:

“The Balkan girls they like to party like nobody, like nobody,

For crowd delight, we’ll shine all night.”

For crowd delight?

Why Romania May Win:

Bookies are betting against Romania, but the song panders to the powerful Balkan voting bloc which includes Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and sometimes (depending on who you are) Moldova, Romania and Slovenia. Romania always gets Moldova’s votes, and it’s likely that Romania will scoop up others if Balkan residents do feel that their women “party like nobody, like nobody.”  Also, Elena is half-Macedonian, a fact that should curry favor with voters seeking that blood connection.

Romania really can light up the stage. This is Elena performing in London on April 17. She was magical, so it’s only fitting that she looks like an illusion:

Romania's Elena Gheorghe performs at London's Eurovision 2009 preview party

Romania's Elena Gheorghe performs at London's Eurovision 2009 preview party

Why Romania May Not Win:

First, in live performances, one of the background singers cannot harmonize and she brings down the overall quality of the performance. Hopefully Elena will shove a sock in said background singer’s mouth. That may be the case: at the preview event in London, Elena performed solo.

Second, Elena doesn’t really dance…she merely flails her limbs. Dancing isn’t essential—hello, angry Serbian lesbian Marija Serifovic just shook her fists in 2007 before walking away with the title—but voters respond favorably to well-choreographed, sexual movement, as with Ani Lorak, Ukraine 2008.

Third, the field is cluttered with upbeat dance numbers so there’s a risk Romania might not be memorable enough.


Romania should sail through the first semi-final on Tuesday, May 12. Elena performs 14th out of 18 acts which means she’ll be fresh in the voters’ minds—even with such power players as Sweden, Turkey and Bosnia and Herzegovina in the same heat.

Final: Winning will be a stretch, but Romania deserves—and will probably place—in the Top 10.

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